Frequently asked questions about My BMW – together with their answers.


  • Why should I register at My BMW?

    You will enjoy many benefits if you register at My BMW – either as a BMW driver or as somebody interested in becoming one. These include personalised, exclusive offers, easy ways of managing your details, and features that enable you to send requests for things like brochures and test drives directly to BMW or to the BMW Partner of your choice. Furthermore, at My BMW you can save your vehicle configurations and edit them at any time. Altogether, My BMW gives you more clarity and is the control centre from which you can manage all your activities relating to your BMW.

  • Where can I log in to My BMW?

    You can log in using the login box on the BMW website, or using the My BMW navigation point.

  • Where can I change my access details (user name and password)?

    You can change your user details at My BMW Access / Access and Profile. To change your password, simply enter a new password there. If you would like to change your user name, please enter your new e-mail address, then, in the e-mail which you receive, click on the link to confirm the change and to verify your e-mail address. Please take note that this change may also affect other BMW access points which you use, such as MINI Connected.

  • I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

    You can request a new password at any time. All you have to do is click on the link below, follow the instructions, and choose a new password.

  • My access to My BMW has not been activated. What should I do?

    If your access has not yet been activated, then that means you have not yet clicked on the activation link sent to you by e-mail. That link serves to verify that your e-mail address is correct. Please click on the link to activate your access. If the link has already expired, then your details will have been deleted for security reasons. If this happens, please register again.

  • My BMW Access has been blocked. What should I do?

    If you enter your password incorrectly ten times in a row, then your access will be blocked automatically for security reasons. To unblock it again, please request a new password.

  • Why am I being asked to confirm the data privacy regulations again when I log in to My BMW? What happens if I refuse to confirm them?

    [@ NSC: Please adopt contents to your market specific needs and product range]
    XXXEuropean Union data privacy laws oblige us to inform you every time these laws change, and to obtain your consent. If you do not agree to the changes, then we will be obliged to delete your personal details, after which your access to the My BMW area and all the features it contains will no longer be available.XXX


  • I am in the My BMW area. What do I do next?

    If you already have My BMW Access, please log in. You now have access to all of the My BMW features. If you are not registered, then please register now so that you can use My BMW to the full.

  • What is usage potential, and how can I increase it?

    The more information you provide in your My BMW Profile, the more accurately My BMW can customise what it offers you. Usage potential shows the extent to which you have made use of the features on offer. The higher the potential, the more accurately the campaigns, offers and competitions which are displayed will suit your particular interests. To get the most out of your usage potential, simply complete all of the details under My MBW/Access and Profile.

  • How can I manage My BMW Partners?

    You can place up to three BMW Partners on a list in the BMW Partners management section. This list then remains on the left hand side of My BMW. It means you have the contact details of those BMW Partners always at hand, and you can select any one of them at any time for whatever queries you may have.
    If you want to put other BMW Partners on your list, then you will first have to delete a different BMW Partner from the list. You can manage your BMW Partners using the link “Manage My BMW Partners”.

  • What is a preferred BMW Partner?

    Your preferred BMW Partner always appears at the top of your list of BMW Partners, and is marked with an asterisk on the map or whenever you search for a dealership. You can choose the BMW Partner in your list whose contact details you most frequently use, and make it into your preferred BMW Partner. This means that any queries you have will automatically be sent to that dealership, and only that one will be able to send you personal messages using My Messages on the My BMW home page.

  • What are My Messages?

    My Messages are personal messages displayed at My BMW. They come from your preferred BMW Partner or directly from BMW, and are tailored to your Profile, which means you’ll only ever receive information which is relevant and interesting to you.

  • What are My Routes?

    My Routes allow you to send BMW Dream Routes, or routes you have defined yourself, to your vehicle’s BMW navigation system. You can also define standard routes, such as your daily drive to work, and set functions in them such as requests for the latest traffic congestion warnings, and alarm functions.


  • Where can I find the configurations I have saved?

    At My BMW you can save your configurations in the My Configurations area, which shows all of them at a glance. This you can open at any time, and it contains all of the most important information and allows you to keep editing your configurations in the Configurator whenever you want. It also helps you to compare different configurations incorporating different equipment and features. Using the Enquiry button in this area, you can also request test drives and order information material.

  • What is a favourite configuration?

    Your favourite configuration will be the first one to appear in the My Configurations area at your BMW home page, ensuring that you always have an eye on the configuration you like best. Your favourite configuration is marked with an asterisk.

  • How can I create a new configuration?

    You can create a new configuration using the BMW Configurator at any time, and save it in My BMW.

  • Can I rename My Configuration?

    You can change the name of your configuration at any time by clicking on the Rename link under More Options.

  • How can I delete configurations?

    There are two ways of doing this: you can delete a single configuration by clicking on the Delete link under More Options in the My Configurations area, or you can click on the rubbish bin symbol in the overview if you want to delete several configurations in a row.

  • What do I do if I see the message “This configuration can no longer be built” next to one of my saved configurations?

    This message tells you that the configuration you have assembled can no longer be built in that form, and can therefore no longer be ordered either. The reason for this may be that one or more of the components, or the complete series, has been revised. You will see more details when you open your configuration in the BMW Configurator. If it is just a component which is no longer available, then the Configurator will suggest alternatives to you so that you can re-save your configuration with a new setup without having to delete it completely. Please note that configurations that can no longer be built will not be automatically deleted in your My BMW Access.

  • When I try to access my configurations, I see the error message “Central error”. What should I do?

    If our system is being serviced and the site is temporarily unavailable, then you may not be able to access your configurations for a little while. If this happens, please try again later.


  • What kind of offers will I receive?

    You will be notified about campaigns and special offers on the basis of the personal details which you have stored in your My BMW Access, and according to the aspects of the BMW website you have shown interest in. This means you will only receive offers that are relevant and interesting.